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PFC provides technical, legal and financial support for obtaining patents and also for post patent actions in respect of patentable inventions emanating from research funded by
Department of Science and Technology
Any Indian university/educational institution
Any other central/state gonermment department/agency
Scientists and their institutions are expected to keep track of developments in areas related to patented inventions and inform PFC about possible exploitation and also violation of their patents.
For patentable inventions funded by a university/educaitonal institution, applications for patents will be filed in the name of the university/educational institution with the concerned scientist(s) as inventor(s).
For patentable inventions funded by central/state government department/agency, applicants for patents will be decided by the terms and conditions mutually agreed between the funding agency and the research agency.
Requests for patent search are entertained from scientists, universities/educational institutions, government departments free of charge. The same services are open to industry, attorneys and PSUs, with a levy of nominal charges.

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