Science & Technology Policy - 2003

"We must take science to the people. All of us are fond of quoting Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru’s famous words paying a tribute to your community – namely, that ‘Scientists are a minority in league with the future’. This is true. But let us also remember that a bright future can be realized only when science is in league with the majority of our society"


Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee
Prime Minister of India

"Our new policy is anchored in our abiding belief that for science and technology to grow, it must be green, it must be ethical. It must have a human face, it must be gender sensitive, it must be region and context-specific, reflect our enormous diversity and plurality, and it must empower the community as a whole and not merely a section of it".

Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi
Minister for Human Resource Development,
Science & Technology and Ocean Development

"The Science & Technology Policy 2003 provides a road map for integrating science and technology directly with societal concerns."

Shri Bachi Singh Rawat
Minister of State For Science & Technology


A Preamble
B Policy Objectives
C Strategy and implementation Plan
1. Science and Technology Governance and Investments
2. Optimal Utilization of Existing Infrastructure and Competence
3. Strengthening of the Infrastructure for Science and Technology in Academic Institutions
4. New Funding Mechanisms for Basic Research
5. Human Resource Development
6. Technology Development, Transfer and Diffusion
7. Promotion of Innovation
8. Industry and Scientific R&D
9. Indigenous Resources and Traditional Knowledge
10. Technologies for Mitigation and Management of Natural Hazards
11. Generation and Management of Intellectual Property
12. Public Awareness of Science and Technology
13. International Science and Technology Cooperation
14. Fiscal Measures
15. Monitoring
16. The New Vision