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Printable Forms

Form 1
Application for Grant of a Patent

Form 2
Provisional/Complete Specification
Form 3
Statement and undertaking under Section 8
Form 4
Request for Extension of Time
Form 5
Declaration as to Inventorship
Form 6
Claim or request regarding any change in applicant for Patent
Form 7
Notice of Opposition
Form 8
Request or claim regarding mention of inventor as such in a patent
Form 9
Request for Publication
Form 10
Application for Amendment of Patent
Form 11
Application for the Direction of the Controller
Form 12
Request for Grant of Patent under section 26(1) & 52 (2)
Form 13
Application for Amendment of Patent/Complete Specification
Form 14
Notice of Opposition to Amendment /Restoration/Surrender of PAtent/Grant of Compulsory Licence or revision of terms thereof or to correction of clerical errors
Form 15
Application for the Restoration of Patent
Form 16
Application for Registration of Title/Interest in a Patent or share in it or Registration of Any Document Purporting to Affect Proprietrship of the Patent
Form 17
Application for Compulsory Licence
Request/Express Request for Examination of Application for Patent
Form 19
Application for Revocation of a Patent for non working
Form 20
Application for Revision of terms and conditions of Licence
Form 21
Request for termination of Compulsory Licence
Form 22
Application for Registration of Patent Agents

Form 23
Application for the Restoration of the name in the Register of Patent Agents

Form 24
Application for review/setting aside Controller's Decision/Order
Form 25
Request for Permission for making Patent Application outside India
Form 26
Form for Authorisation of a Patent Agent/or any person in a matter or proceeding under the Act
Form 27
Statement Regarding the working of the Patented Invention on Commercial Scale in India

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