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Patent search facilities for Indian, US and European patents (CD-Rom, Online and paper)
Database on Indian patent applications filed and applications accepted which are open for opposition. These are now available on CDs.
A Report on Patenting of Microorganisms
Mechanism for obtaining full text patent documents and patent searching elsewhere
Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Bulletin
Panel of patent attorneys drawn from all over the country for helping PFC in patenting activities
Panel of expert faculty for patent awareness workshops

Services offered in respect of patent searches, abstracts and full text patents

1) Procedure : The patent search involves three levels. On receiving a brief write up on the invention (which would be kept confidential) along with possible keywords from a client, a bibliographic report on patents granted/published in US, Europe, PCT and India are provided to the client. The second level involves providing the abstracts of the relevant patens as requested by the client and the third level relates to providing full text document of the patents.

2) Charges : The patent search services can be availed free of cost by universities, academic institutions, Govt. R&D institutions and govt departments. Nominal fees as given below are charged to individuals and industry.

Bibliographic search report : Rs. 3000/- per country per subject
Abstract of European, PCT and US patents : Rs. 55/- per abstract
Full text of European, PCT and US patents : Rs. 322/- per patent
Full text of Indian patent and all other patents: Actuals + 15% service charges

3) Coverage :

Indian patents (Bibliographic) 1974 onwards
US Patents
Bibliographic (without abstract) 1975 onwards
Bibliographic with Abstract 1977 onwards
European patents
Bibliographic and abstract (published) 1978 onwards
PCT applications
Bibliographic and abstract (published) 1978 onwards
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