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Free Online Access to First Indian Patent Searchable Database
Ekaswa A, Ekaswa B & Ekaswa C

The database are quite user friendly and equipped with latest search tools and logical operations. Value addition has been done in the databases to make the information easily accessible.
Ekaswa- A Database: Patent applications filed in India as published in the issues of the Gazette of India (Part III, Section 2) from January 1995 to.
Ekaswa-B Database: Patent applications notified for opposition in the Gazette of lndia (Part III, Section 2) published from January 1995 to December 2004
Ekaswa-C Database: Patent applications published in official Journal of Patent office (18 month publications) published from January 2005 onwards.

The access to the database is online through internet or you can also subscribe a CD-ROM

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