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How to Obtain Indian Patents?

We give below the necessary information which has been extracted from the "General Information for applicants for patents in India" published by the patent office, Calcutta.

bull.jpg (5174 bytes) General Procedure for Obtaining a Patent?

Filing an application for a patent accompanied by either a provisional specification or a complete specification.
Filing complete specification if a provisional specification accompaied the original application
Examination of the application by the patent office
Acceptance of the applications and advertisement of such acceptance in the official gazette.
Overcoming opposition, if any, to the grant of a patent.
Sealing of the patent

bull.jpg (5174 bytes) Filing a Patent Application

The following documents are required for filing an application for patent

An application made in the prescribed form 1 or 1A in triplicate
A provisional specification drawn up in the prescribed Form 3 or a complete specification drawn up in their prescribed Form 3A alongwith drawings, if any, in triplicate. In respect of a convention application, it is necessary to file a complete specification.
A statement and undertaking under Section 8 of the Act in the prescribed Form 4 in duplicate.
An abstract of the invention disclosed in the specification.
In case of an application made by an assignee, the proof of the right to make the application should accompany if the application is not endorsed as prescribed.
A declaration in respect of inventorship in Form 6.
A duly stamped power of attorney in the prescribed Form 62 if the application is filed through an agent or attorney.

The number of forms may appear high but these are simple to handle. These can be obtained from the nearest patent office. Alternatively, you may like to contact a patent agent or attorney who would take care of all the above aspects. The addresses of the patent offices are:-

bull.jpg (5174 bytes) The Patent Office Branch
Todi Estates, 3rd Floor
Sun Mill Compound
Lower Parel (West)
Bombay - 400 013.
bull.jpg (5174 bytes) Patent Branch Office
Unit No.401 to 405,
3rd Floor
Municipal Market Building
Saraswati Marg, Karol Bagh
New Delhi – 110 005.


bull.jpg (5174 bytes) Patent Office Branch
Wing 'C' (C-4, A)
3rd floor, Rajaji Bhavan
Basant Nagar
Chennai - 600 090
bull.jpg (5174 bytes) Patent Office
Nizam Palace
2nd M.S.O. Building
234/4, Acharya Jagadish
Bose Road
Calcutta – 700 020.
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