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Intellectual property protection plays a key role in gaining an advantageous position in the competitive technological game for achieving economic growth. Scientists would need information, orientation and facilities for protecting the products of their intellectual prowess. As a first step in this direction a Patent Facilitating Centre (PFC) was set up by Department of Science and Technology under Technology Information Forecasting and Assessment Council (TIFAC) in 1995. Major Indian scientific establishments have in-house facilities to provide patent support to their scientists. However, such facilities are not available to most of academic sector and smaller scientific institutions whether in the Central or the State sector. PFC was created as a single window facility to service this large ALL INDIA clientele with a smile and "may we help you" approach. This helpful and human approach has helped PFC reach out to remote universities and R&D centers. Scientists thus have a direct and easy access to PFC's complete coverage.

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Introducing patent information as a vital input in the process of promotion of R&D programmes
Providing patent facilities to scientists and technologists in the country for Indian and Foreign patents on a sustained basis.
Keeping a watch on developments in the area of IPR and make important issues known to policy makers, scientists, industry etc.
Creating awareness and understanding relating to patents and the challenges and opportunities in this area including arranging workshops, seminars, conferences, etc.
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